• Market Cap: $2,592.49 B
  • 24h Vol: $124.82 B
  • BTC Dominance: 44.55%

CryptoBagGiver has the Faucets you've been looking for

CryptoBagGiver’s passion is cryptocurrencies, and he loves the concept surrounding this blockchain technology overtaking the tech industry.

As a result, that short little fellow went to work and created CryptoBagGiver.com to bring awareness to this fast-growing space and to provide faucets. Its goal is to allow anyone with a wallet to start collecting valuable Satoshis and be part of the millions who hold cryptocurrencies for the long term.

At CryptoBagGiver, we believe no one should be left behind, no matter how small their bags are because if you HODL long enough, these small bags can become much more significant in value over time.

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With various faucets available for anyone who wants to own some cryptocurrencies, CryptoBagGiver can help you get started with our variety of faucets all of which can be collected multiple times every day. Not sure how to start? Visit our FAQ to help you get started collecting Satoshis.


0.001-0.004 DOGE

Every 60 minutes.

25-100 Satoshis

Every 120 minutes.

125-500 Satoshis

Every 180 minutes.

340-1360 Satoshis

Every 240 minutes.

280-1080 Satoshis

Every 300 minutes.

275-1100 Satoshis

Every 360 minutes.

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