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  • News - 29 May 2022, 5:12 am

    Regulations are coming, and DEXs need to step it up to survive, requiring KYC to weather the upcoming regulatory storm. Regulators from Europe, the United States and elsewhere are busily hammering out details on how to designate decentralized exchanges (DEXs) as “brokers,” transaction agents or similar entities that affect a transfer and cooperate with each…Read More

  • News - 29 May 2022, 5:02 am

    If things work out just as planned by the world’s richest man, Musk might eventually start allowing DOGE payments for Starlink subscriptions. Just four months after EV manufacturer Tesla started accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) for merchandise purchases, Elon Musk announced his plan to extend the payment option for his space exploration company, SpaceX. Musk, the CEO of…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 May 2022, 4:00 am

    The new installment of Ni No Kuni, an RPG franchise brought by independent gaming studio Level 5 and animated by Studio Ghibli, has launched with blockchain elements present. The game, which has been designed for mobile and PC platforms, introduces a token system that lets players use their earnings outside of the game, and will…Read More

  • News - 29 May 2022, 2:17 am

    For all the flak they have been getting recently, cross-chain bridges bring too much value to the blockchain space to ditch them. The plane touches down and comes to a halt. Heading to passport control, one of the passengers stops at a vending machine to buy a bottle of soda — but the device is…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 May 2022, 2:00 am

    India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has proposed to adopt a “graded approach” to launching the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC). The RBI also said it is exploring the pros and cons of introducing a digital rupee in India. RBI on the Upcoming Digital Rupee Launch The Reserve Bank of India…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 29 May 2022, 12:00 am

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes the U.S. economy is approaching a recession but he explained why it is “actually a good thing.” Musk has estimated that the upcoming recession will last 12 to 18 months. Elon Musk Discusses U.S. Recession Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk shared his thoughts on the U.S. economy and the…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 28 May 2022, 10:00 pm

    Billionaire and FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried said the leading crypto asset exchange aims to make a number of acquisitions and could spend up to $2 billion on such efforts. The FTX chief executive officer highlighted in a recent interview that a fraction of the funds raised by the company were “explicitly viewed from a potential…Read More

  • News - 28 May 2022, 8:30 pm

    Coming every Saturday, Hodlers Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more a week on Cointelegraph in one link.Top Stories This WeekAndreessen Horowitz closes $4.5 billion crypto fund amid market turmoilVenture capital player Andreessen…Read More

  • Bitcoin News - 28 May 2022, 8:00 pm

    The share of crypto miners in Russia’s power consumption structure already exceeds 2%, according to a new government estimate. On this backdrop, the country’s industry ministry believes it’s time to bring the sector out of the shadows and regulate it. Crypto Miners Burn More Electricity Than Russian Farmers Miners extracting digital currencies account for more…Read More

  • News - 28 May 2022, 7:00 pm

    Conflicting Bitcoin derivatives data shows leverage traders bullish, while pro traders fear a deeper correction below $29,000. This week the stock markets began to flash a little green and Bitcoin (BTC) is decoupling from traditional markets but not in a good way. The cryptocurrency is down 3% while the Nasdaq Composite tech-heavy stock market index…Read More